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(Last Updated February 20, 2015)

PrivateInvestigatorsWW.Com offers 3 types of services, Listings, Banner Ads and Banner Creations.

If you the customer purchase a listing on PrivateInvestigatorsWW.Com Website or have PrivateInvestigatorsWW.Com create a Banner Ad for you then you agree to all the Terms and Conditions of PrivateInvestigatorsWW.Com

1.) You the Customer agree that after you place your order online that you are responsible for all contents and all information including address, name, phone number and links.

2.) You the Customer also agree that your listing will be accurate to the best of your knowledge.

3.) You the Customer agree to respond to all emails and or phone calls from PrivateInvestigatorsWW.Com within a timely manner and a professional manner and you the customer also agree to act in a professional manner at all times with the staff and employees of PrivateInvestigatorsWW.Com.

4.) You the Customer also agree that when you place a Banner Ad that you are responsible for the contents that you supply to PrivateInvestigatorsWW.Com. PrivateInvestigatorsWW.Com is not responsible for any errors after you the Customer approve in writing by email.

5.) PrivateInvestigatorsWW.Com will create a Banner Ad either Side Banner or Top Banner Ad within 3 Business Days providing that you the Customer is immediately responding to PrivateInvestigatorsWW.Com emails and or phone calls.

6.) After the Banner Ad has been approved by you the Customer then PrivateInvestigatorsWW.Com is not responsible for any errors or typos and nor will PrivateInvestigatorsWW.Com make any changes after you the Customer approve of the Banner  Ad. Any changes after you the Customer approves of a Banner Ad will be subject  to subsequent charges that will be approved by you the Customer and PrivateInvestigatorsWW.Com


PrivateInvestigatorsWW.Com accepts payments for listings and Banner Ads on-line. PrivateInvestigatorsWW.Com uses PayPal as their Payment Processing Company. PrivateInvestigatorsWW.Com does NOT store any financial information of its Customers and nor does PrivateInvestigatorsWW.Com and/or its staff have any information about Customers Financial Information or Customers Credit Card, Bank Card or PayPal Account. Your Bank Statement or your PayPal Statement will appear as "ANTHONYMAR" next to your payment.


PrivateInvestigatorsWW.Com does not offer any Refunds in Whole or in Part under any Circumstances. It is you the Customer that is placing an order with PrivateInvestigatorsWW.Com. PrivateInvestigatorsWW.Com makes sure that all listings that are posted by you the Customer works and that all links that you the Customer Post on PrivateInvestigatorsWW.Com works.


PrivateInvestigatorsWW.Com will dispute any and all charge backs including Illegal Chargebacks and Fradulent Charge Baccks and PrivateInvestigatorsWW.Com will fight any Charge Backs.

You the Customer is placing your order either for a Listing or a Banner Ad on PrivateInvestigatorsWW.Com on your own Free Will. PrivateInvestigatorsWW.Com does NOT have access to any Customers Credit Card or any Financial Information and nor does PrivateInvestigatorsWW.Com have access to Customers PayPal Account and nor does PrivateInvestigatorsWW.Com ask for any of Customers Credit Card or any Financual Information, nor does PrivateInvestigatorsWW.Con store any Credit Card or Financial Information of out Customers on any Servers.

PrivateInvestigatorsWW.Com creates a Banner for you the Customer within 3 Business Days after you the Cusomer supplied all information to PrivateInvestigatorsWW.Com. The Customer receives the Banner Ad that PrivateInvestigatorsWW.Com and its staff created within 3 Business Days. If you the Customer who is a Private Investigator or a Customer commits FRAUD and files an Illegal Charge Back then PrivateInvestigatorsWW.Com will prosecute the Fraudulent Claim with PayPal, Customer's Credit Card Company and Customer's Bank. 

If a Customer creates an illegal and Fraudulent Charge Back for a Banner Ad then PrivateInvestigatorsWW.Com will send the Customer an invoice of $250.00 to $1,500.00 for the Creation of a Banner Ad that PrivateInvestigatorsWW.Com created and that Banner Ad was approved by Customer.

Illegal and or Fradulent Charge Backs are treated as THEFT and PrivateInvestigatorsWW.Com will prosecute all Fraudulent Charge Backs to the fullest length of the Law including Criminal Proceedings and Civil Proceedings.

In an event that you the Customer proceed with an Illegal Charge Back then PrivateInvestigatorsWW.Com will send you an invoice for $100.00 through PayPal for PrivateInvestigatorsWW.Com time dealing with and fighting the Illegal Charge Back.

PrivateInvestigatorsWW.Com will also contact PayPal.Com and notify PayPal of the Fraudulent Customer. PrivateInvestigatorsWW.Com will also contact the Customer's Credit Card Company and Bank who Commits a Fraudulent Charge Back against PrivateInvestigatorsWW.Com

PrivateInvestigatorsWW.Com and its employees are Honest and we make sure that are Customers are also Honest.



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