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CROSStrax was built with your business in mind and your ability to customize our platform ensures that’s always the case. You decide how you want your workflow to look and the build it.

With countless ways to document your efforts, CROSStrax makes data retention and report generation and absolute breeze! Between the Report Templates and the Case Notes, you’ll never miss a step and your clients will never miss an update.

The key is a central repository and data at your fingertips. With CROSStrax, you’ll be more organized and as a result, prepared!. CROSStrax is intended to streamline the investigation process and help you conduct better, more timely investigations.

From GPS to Quickbooks, CROSStrax was named for its ability to integrate with various code and other programs. Easy automation is a necessity for busy people, so they can focus on their most important work.

Advanced Media Storage
Save all of your documents, photos, video, and audio in each case in CROSStrax, then you and your team can access them from anywhere that has an Internet connection. Send large files just as fast as small files and create links right from CROSStrax to share them. And work with peace of mind you’ll never lose another file again. By saving these documents to CROSStrax, you’ll have a digital chain of custody for each piece of digital evidence you obtain.

Build Your Business Nationwide
One of the biggest hurdles to growing a nationwide investigation business, or simply being able to handle work nationwide, is the quality of the investigators. CROSStrax addresses this by maintaining a fresh database of investigators you’ve used, then provides you with the opportunity to grade each one. Additionally, CROSStrax makes maintaining state licensing a cinch by keeping a copy of each license and alerting you when they are coming due.

Say “goodbye" to switching between your Case Managment System and your email client
We offer you a quick and time-saving way to connect your emails to CROSStrax, to ensure you have total visibility of all communication around your assignments and clients. We guarantee you’ll never miss the actions needed to complete your assignments in an efficient and timely manner.

Task Reminders and Notifications
If you’re one of those investigators who has a whiteboard or an ever-evolving to-do list, or your desk and monitors are adorned with Post-its® reminding you of important events, then CROSStrax is for you. CROSStrax will let you make to-do lists consisting of tasks and associated to the assignments themselves. The idea is to create a more active kind of task list that you can interact with and will keep you honest.

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